Presences’ data collection software for Medium Enterprises
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Presences’ data collection software for Medium Enterprises

Cronos Ergo

is a program that collects and manages the presences of employees. On the basis of  the company’s work-organizational models (time schedules, shifts, programmed absences, etc.)  and on the basis of the collection of employees’ data related to punch in/out timing, it highlights anomalies in conflict with given models, carries out processing operations related to punch in/out and absence-related proof documents, and supplies administration and statistical data for Employees’ Management.

Punch in/out recording is carried out by Cronos M24 (or ZERO series) badge reader systems. They employ magnetic or proximity badges.

Cronos Ergo continues the experience that started in 1981 with the first Italian program for presences’ data collection.

Cronos Zero, an excellent employees’ presences data collector.

Cronos Ergo acquires punch in/out from systems of any brand and model.

Cronos Ergo interfaces all payroll programs, it supplies - every month and for each employee - a recap and/or analytical input of worked and absence hours, subdivided according to items. It is already predisposed for payroll program’s processing.

Cronos Ergo program is the result of more than 25 years of experience, which has been growing side by side with Personnell supervisors in thousands of companies and authorities of every market sector and dimension: the software is programmed to be used by many companies and users, and it fulfills the needs for presences’ data collection and management both of Companies and Public Authorities.

Cronos ERGO is integrated with Cronos INDOOR access control program, with which it shares ID records.

Cronos Ergo - has, among its main features, the following ones:

  • management of different work schedules (fixed, flexible, part-time, personalized….)
  • shifts management;
  • automatic and analytic overtime determination;
  • acquisition of punch in/out data from badge readers;
  • forecast programming of staff absences;
  • punch in/out processing with total computation;
  • shifts managementi;
  • daily and weekly, night and day, overtime computation;
  • computation of multi-days flexibility;
  • new overtime computation for additional social security contribution;
  • subdivision of worked hours according to cost centers;
  • data collection for charge of meal services;
  • restaurant’s  ticket management;
  • availability management;
  • automatic computation of benefits (holiday, night, presence, etc);
  • overtime management;
  • check of monthly amount of hours’ completion;
  • monthly report of (positive and negative) time balance;
  • statistical  charts;
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