RFID proximity and magnetic card-reader systems Zero Net Touch
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RFID proximity and magnetic card-reader systems Zero Net Touch
I Cronos Zero sono la nuova generazione di terminali lettori di badge.

La flessibilità d'impiego è una delle peculiarità del terminale Cronos Zero Net Touch.

Cronos Zero Net Touch reader is the new systems generation

  • Versatility
  • Cronos Zero is a new generation of card-reader systems. Its components are modular, multifunctional and multicolor.

    Flexibility is a peculiar feature of Cronos Zero. It is the ideal solution to meet all kind of companies’ data-collection requirements.

  • Technology
  • The implementation of the most advanced electronic and micro-engineering technologies enabled Cronos to put in a very small space - such as Cronos Zero Net Touch, dimensions are - all the required features of typical companies’ data-collection applications.

  • Personality
  • A set of interchangeable colored rings is at disposal to customize Cronos Zero Net Touch and make it suitable for its location.
    Colors also help identify different access-licensed areas.

  • Design
  • A colors-based customization, the shape and its modern design make Cronos Zero Net Touch the ideal system to install also in the most prestigious location.


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Il terminale Cronos Zero Net Touch è in grado di leggere badge di prossimità o magnetici.

Avant-garde technologies = Micro engineering

Cronos Zero Net Touch is a technology concentrate.
Modularity can be achieved only with small size and nicely designed products.

At the bottom of the Cronos Zero Net Touch project there is the study and application of the most advanced micro engineering technologies, that enabled the concentration of all the features of more advanced systems in the smallest possible place, and they also enabled the implementation of a modularity that guarantees maximum flexibility to Cronos Zero systems.

Il terminale Cronos Zero Net Touch è in grado di leggere badge di prossimità o magnetici.

Colors and Design = Personality and Versatility

In a business sector where everything is projected only in terms of functionality, Cronos ZERO introduces the concept of color, which is not only a means of customization, but also a visual support to point out different access paths.
Colors changeability is due to a set of interchangeable colored rings, that are applied on the front of ZERO. This innovative feature allows the customization of systems with the company’s colors, and to change them at any time.
Cronos Zero Net Touch system is the most innovative and easy-to-use design and technological solution in the field of data-collection systems.

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RFID proximity reader, ISO CARD 125 MHz, 13,56 MHz, optional biometric reader
Time stamp clock with automatic summer-and-winter-time change, leap year management with perpetual calendar
Card track record can be programmed for any type of format
Touch screen display with colored graphic, equipped with alphanumeric keyboard
Flash memory allows 14.000 punches
Portable Micro SD Card for punch in/out recovery
Remote firmware download
USB port for in/out punching download through pen drive
Bitonal buzzer
One digital output with mechanical relay (12 Vca max. 2A) to start alarm, door-opening, etc.
One RS-232/RS-485 serial door
Expansion module for two more RS-232/RS-485 serial doors
Native Ethernet connection: 10/100baseT with TCP/IP protocol
Optional connection: WI-FI, GSM/GPRS
Anti black-out battery for self-sufficient operations (5 hours) in case of power outage
Connections: RS-232, RS-485, analog modem, GSM, TCP/IP Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Power supply: 12 Vcc or through PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Dimension: 234 mm long, 78 mm high, 22cm deep

Cronos ZERO NET TOUCH systems can be provided in “Select” version. It works with on-board employees’ ID records and it is the ideal solution in case of need to make employees punch in/out always using the same system, in definite days and times.

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