Solutions for Meal Data Management
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Solutions for Meal Data Management

Cronos offers a complete products range to fulfill all meal data management needs.



All Cronos meal data management software provide meal booking details for each employee, and also provide the print of the booking summary for the canteen manager.

The booking can be done with any badge reader installed in the company.


Meal consumption

Through the Cronos Zero Net Touch system, complete of printer installed at the canteen entrance, the employee obtains the ticket necessary for admission to meal consumption.

At the end of the service, the program produces the analytical file of employees that have attended the canteen, which is acquired and processed by the staff office, for payroll charge.


Ticket Restaurant®

Cronos Data Collection program manages also Ticket Restaurant® , and enables the definition of the monthly tickets amount for each employee, according to the previous month’s worked days.
Data Collection and Access Control
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