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Access control software

In a modern company organization, Access Control has a continuously increasing importance in terms of company’s need to regulate and control internal and external staff movements.

Cronos Indoor is a selective Access Control system that enables the Company to carry out a “Company plan for access enabling”, which differs depending on people, accesses, days and time sections.

Cronos Indoor enables the company to take the appropriate action to streamline the movement of people and vehicles, in order to ensure safety by improving business efficiency.

Lo schema di gestione del controllo accessi del software Cronos Indoor

The Company Plan for the enablement of access to offices, departments, reserved areas, etc. differs depending on levels of responsibility, tasks and people’s roles:

  • person (employee, eternal co-operator, visitor, etc.);
  • passage (office, department, parking area, et.);
  • type of day (work, before bank holiday, bank holiday, etc.);
  • time sections, depending on type of day

According to the company plan, each person is given:

  • enabled access areas (passages);
  • passage (office, department, parking area, etc.);
  • passage-by-passage diversified enablement days;
  • different security levels (if need be, with request of PIN code);
  • badge expiry date;

Cronos Indoor controls a network of magnetic or proximity badge reader systems, supplied with the most appropriate systems for passages’ management, with autonomous operative functionalities for transit’s appropriateness control, even when the pc is turned off.
PC connection to the systems is required only to carry out configuration operations, transits’ records acquisition and any change to the company plan for access enablement.

Cronos Indoor in the application phase has the following functions:

Cronos Zero, un ottimo rilevatore presenze dipendenti.
  • transmission to Cronos systems of personal data’s enabling;
  • recognition / identification;
  • control of transit’s enabling;
  • record of transits through each passage;
  • antipassback management;
  • acquisition of carried-out transits records, from systems to pc;
  • print of presences/absences’ state of the art, also previous ones;
  • print of movements, organized depending on passage, person, date, time, etc.;

Every company has visitors that must talk to the internal personnel (clients, suppliers, consultants, etc.); the reception staff normally receives them and, after taking note of their data on a paper support, they are invited to reach the person they are going to meet. This module enables the digitization of visitors’ recording that enter the company, and data storage for further consultations.

Sometimes the company reception is managed by external personnel and they often change, therefore one of the greatest problems is that those people don’t know the company’s employees. This module enables, thanks to its partial access to employees’ ID records, to make sure that the people who enter the company are actually employed there.

The module “Synoptic chart” enables the real-time visualization of the state of the art, in terms of employees’ presences/absences in the company.

Cronos Indoor makes it possible to:

  • regulate and define people’s movement areas;
  • improve the organization to increase the company’s security levels, excluding access to danger zones for people without authorization;
  • reduce time waste and production waste related to non-controlled personnel’s movements;

Cronos Indoorimproves the organization, increases efficiency and reduces company’s costs. Cronos Indoor is available in Multi-user and Multi-company version, it runs in Windows 95/98 environment, NT, 2000 with Microsoft Access Database and it has been developed with Visual Basic 6 and Cristal Report 4,6.

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