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Cronos Keros

Cronos Keros is a new CRONOS program for integrated management and data collection of presences and access control, entirely developed with WEB-based technologies, using JAVA language.

Cronos Keros has been designed with an open architecture and with the use of the most innovative software and communication technologies (internet). Such technologies enable functions’ flexibility, large volumes and integration with companies’ practices, that have never been achieved before.

Cronos Keros guarantees the quality of performances and operational capabilities, that can be tailored according to different companies’ environments, with a large number of employees (industry, large retailers, credit, services, public authorities…), due to its revolutionary features.

L'interfaccia web di Cronos Keros


  • WEB environment
  • JAVA language


  • Oracle (Unix- and Windows-based)
  • PostgreSql (Unix- and Windows-based)
  • Microsoft SqlServer (Windows-based)


  • Unix/Linux
  • Windows


  • Application Server: Apache Tomcat, Oracle Application Server
  • Reporting: pdf and CSV


  • The new "open" architecture, together with an extended chart structure, lend to the program very high levels of modularity and expansion, that fulfill the requirements of an articulated and dynamic management and of the large volumes of data that are involved.


  • It enables the creation of different user profiles for each Department Manager, and assigns to each of them a group of employees to work on, and to have a complete data overview of. Each Manager has a customized menu, where only the accessible functionalities are visible.


  • Cronos Keros can have a company-customized configuration: a large series of optional modules are available, they enable the program’s implementation with new functionalities and the integration of new practices, in order to develop the program time after time, depending on the company’s needs.


  • The basic module supplies all the necessary tools to fulfill pay duties (quantification and qualification of worked hours, employees’  cards, meal data….), fiscal duties (approved presences book, declaration of overtime’s limit excess…), management duties (presences/absences’ state of the art, worked hours for cost centers, statistics…). Finally, the program produces a monthly recap input of worked and absence hours, subdivided into items, in the format requested by any payroll program.

Cronos Keros - has, among its main features, the following ones:

  • Multi- company, Multi- enterprise, Multi- user;
  • Presence/absence data’s unit of measure  in hours and minutes;
  • Absences managed on a daily and hourly basis;
  • Original/modified punch in/out management;
  • Automatic and analytical development of employee’s performance: standard hours, increate hours, overtime;
  • Daily processing with warning in case of abnormal situations;
  • Interactive presences book (punch in/out changes, justifications, resolution of anomalies, single day’s processing);
  • Multi-days’ processing (weekly, monthly, social security);
  • Management of 100 monthly and 100 yearly total-makers;
  • Highlight of individual limits’ excess on total-makers (holiday’s depletion, various discharges, etc.);
  • Fiscal prints with Social security stamp (ID card, presence book);
  • Print of statistics  (presences/absences, ID records, overtime, presence/absence partition hours);
  • Forecast programming of availability’s shifts;
  • Automatic and analytical development of employee’s performance during availability’s time section;
  • Automatic assigning of various benefits (night, holiday, availability, shift);
  • Automatic computation of monthly amount of hours. Customized parameters for the treatment of positive or negative balance at the end of the month (total balance, total settlement balance up to X hours, settlement up to Y hours);
  • Monthly settlement with negative or positive balance for the following month);
  • Total- makers transfer from a month to the following one (automatic or manual);
  • Operations on total-makers (fusions between different total-makers and/or different months);

Cronos Zero, un ottimo rilevatore presenze dipendenti.


It is also possible for employees to enter the application and insert authorizations’ requests, or justify operations subjected to  approval by the manager (lack of punch in/out, various absences, overtime, etc.), or to consult in real time those data that are related to one’s personal situation (ID card, worked hours, holidays’ availability, etc.);



ASP service enables Small Enterprises to take advantage of Cronos KEROS program, with no need to by any program or installation: in order to use the program, there is no need to install anything, it is only necessary to have a pc and an internet browser. The program is installed on a Web Farm, that guarantees all the services which are carried out by a team of specialists, archives back-up, programs update and 24x365 connection a year. ASP service releases the user from any problem of plants’ obsolescence, basic programs’ and applications’ update, missing or late maintenance, and form all the consequent risks.



Installation and maintenance of application (programs and database) centralized on just one server.
Access is possible from any pc that has an internet browser and the Acrobat Reader program, to consult available data, depending on the programmed access levels.



Access is possible from any pc  that has an internet browser and the Acrobat Reader program, to consult available data, depending on the programmed access levels.



Keros web module for access control manages problems related to employees’ access in the company, defining reserved areas, authorized employees, type of days and time sections when accesses are allowed.
Those data are sent to Cronos Zero systems, which are set up for the control of such passages; the systems carry out autonomously the control of each single employee’s transit license, and they record in their memory both regular transits and non-authorized attempts. Finally, transits are acquired by the server, they are processed and transferred to the application’s management archives for any request of parametric consulting.



Graphic representation of the updated situation in real time, related to:

  • Input/output systems’ state, placed in different areas inside the company:
  • State of staff in the company, subdivided depending on the area where he/she is at search time.
  • Exhibition of company’s areas with number and names of staff located in each area, running and out-of-service systems, doors’ situation, etc., with highlighting of anomalies;
  • Visualization of a single area in case of emergency’s analysis.
Data Collection and Access Control
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