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Data collection solutions for large enterprises

Cronos data collection solutions for large enterprises focus on the following features:

  • high performances
  • big amount of data
  • highest process integration
  • broad modularity
  • programmed controls


Software for employees’ presence management

Cronos Keros

It is a data collection software for large enterprises, completely developed with web technologies. It has high potentialities and modularity, it can manage large companies’ groups with thousands of employees, both in Italy and abroad.

Cronos Keros manages employees’ presences and supplies analytical and summarized data for payroll programs, subdivided into companies, departments and cost centers.

The program integrates access control, synopsis, travel and expenditure note, employee’s window, meal data management.
Data collection in large enterprises requires experience and planning abilities, as well as software and hardware tools, which are technologically advanced and tested.

Employees’ punch in/out are recorded through various types of Cronos systems.

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Data Collection and Access Control
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