Data collection software for Small Enterprises
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Data collection software for Small Enterprises

Cronos Zip è il software adatto alle piccole imprese per la rilevazione presenze

Cronos Zip is a complete presences' data collection program, whose main feature is the learning and user friendliness. They are reached also due to the 24x24 availability of an online multimedia/vocal course.

Cronos Zip supplies all the necessary tools to control and manage the company's personnel and to fulfill all the pay obligations.  The brilliant program structure and composition is at the bottom of the extraordinary user-friendliness of Cronos ZIP, which has been largely employed in small and medium enterprises that do not have at their disposal any experts (artisans, software houses, professional studios, shops, schools, small districts, etc.).

Cronos ZIP is the first presences' data collection software with an online multimedia/vocal guide: "There is a friend in the Cronos ZIP program, a friendly instructor that is always at the operator's side!"

User interface is guided and easy to understand, in order to enable also less skilled people in the staff to use the program.

Cronos ZIP manages any type of work schedule, enables the planning of programmed absences, carries out the computation of standard, worked hours, as well as overtime and absence hours, on the basis of different items, prints the approved book, supplies management and accounting statistics , and prepares monthly recap to be sent to the Labour Consultant for payroll processing.

In companies with a small number of employees, the installation of a data collection software like Cronos ZIP i san impartial element, that awards the best employees and invites the others to be more accurate.

Cronos ZIP is low-cost both in terms of purchase and maintenance. Its costs are amortized in a short time span, because of reduced computational time, errors decrease, working time’s waste reduction, immediate availability of statistical information that are useful for management activities, advantages that guarantee efficiency and the reduction of company’s costs.

Cronos Zero, un ottimo rilevatore presenze dipendenti.

Cronos Zip has, among its main features, the following ones:

  • management of different time schedules (fixed, flexible, part-time, personalized…) and related shifts;
  • automatic and analytic determination of overtime (up to three different types a day);
  • forecast programming of staff absences;
  • punch in/out processing with qualification and total calculation of employee’s performances  (day and night standard hours, overtime….);
  • highlighting and guided solution of anomalies;
  • processing of time intervals subjected to flexible time schedule with compensation and new overtime computation
  • print of administrative records (employees’ cards, presences book….);
  • print of management-type statistical processing records (print of amount of hours, overtime’s state of the art,  employees’ recap record….);
  • highlighting of absent/present people;  
  • user - based interrogations;
  • output of monthly recap, to be sent to the Labour Consultant for payroll processing;
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