Solutions for Labour Consultants
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Solutions for Labour Consultants

Cronos Data Collection Solutions for Labour Consultants focus on the following features:

  • connection to companies
  • punch in/out automatic acquisition
  • anomalies warning
  • anomalies solution made by the company
  • monthly processing made by the Consultant

Cronos Solutions for Labour Consultants solve the problems both of the Consultant office and the client company.

In the consultant office, employees' worked hours and absence hours collection implies a very demanding work, all concentrated in the first days of the month.

With Cronos Systems, designed for each type of company, this problem is solved in a satisfying way, in a precise and cost-saving manner, both for the Consultant office and for the companies.

Cronos Keros EP

Cronos SAAS service

Cronos SAAS (Software as a Service) service is delivered through internet connection to a Server where there are installed Cronos Keros programs for data collection and access control

The server is installed on a “Server Farm” with outstanding protections, that guarantee 24x24 service functioning, 365 days a year. Clients’ data are encrypted and protected by an access keys hierarchical system.

The service programs include the basic Cronos Keros software, plus all the available optional modules: presences data collection, access control, data acquisition from systems, data processing, prints, statistics, etc…..

Cronos Keros SAAS Service is supplied doing a monthly lump-sum payment  and getting rid of maintenance costs for an IT infrastructure inside the company.

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