The best totalizing system for Small Enterprises
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Cronos Zero Easy is the best totalizing system for Small Enterprises
Cronos Zero Easy: facile da installare, semplice da usare

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Cronos Zero Easy is the ideal solution for Small Enterprises.

  • Uniqueness
  • Cronos Zero Easy is a presences-totalizing RFID system, that works like a traditional punch in/out control system, but doesn’t need cards. They are replaced by a badge or TAG.

  • Processing
  • Cronos Zero Easy records in/out punching in its memory, it processes daily total worked hours, and enables through a customized USB Flash drive, the extraction of:

  • Employees’ cards, with daily, weekly and monthly’s worked hours’ progressive totals
  • Daily in/out punching, with total worked hours
  • Totals of daily/weekly/monthly hours for each employee
  • It can be subsequently connected to a software with in/out punching features, through a system upgrade
  • Optimization
  • Cronos Zero Easy can be connected by modem or Ethernet to the Labour Consultant’s Office to print the Libro Unico and to process wages.

    It is self-installing and start-up configuration isn’t needed.

    Cronos Zero Easy can manage up to 200 employees.



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Il terminale Cronos Zero Easy è perfetto per le piccole imprese.

Cronos Zero Easy is user-friendly:

  • According to 196/03 law on data privacy, personal badge or TAG replaces card
  • Employees can have an overview of their in/out punching on the display
  • Employees’ cards can be shown any time, for each or all employees (200 in/out punching for 200 employees)
  • Provides daily/weekly/monthly worked hours’ totals for each employee
  • Shows daily in/out punching list, which includes data to fill in the Libro Unico
  • All features can be protected by a Key Badge, which is supplied by the Company Director
  • Enables alarm start, signs and lights lighting, according to a time schedule
  • Can be connected by modem or Ethernet to the Labour Consultant’s Office to print the Libro Unico and to process wages
  • If connected to the pc, it can be subsequently transformed into a data collection system
  • No maintenance required

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RFID proximity reader, ISO CARD 125 MHz
Time stamp clock with automatic summer-and-winter-time change, leap year management with perpetual calendar
Card track record can be programmed for any type of format
Touch screen display with colored graphic, equipped with alphanumeric keyboard
Flash memory allows 40.000 in/out punching
Portable Micro SD Card for punch in/out recovery
Remote firmware download
USB port for in/out punching download through pen drive
Bitonal buzzer
One digital output with mechanical relay (12 Vca max. 2A) to start alarm, door-opening, etc.(optional)
One RS-232/RS-485 serial door (optional)
Native Ethernet connection: 10/100baseT with TCP/IP protocol (optional)
Optional connection: WI-FI, GSM/GPRS
Anti black-out battery for self-sufficient operations (5 hours) in case of power outage
Connections: RS-232, RS-485, analog modem, GSM, TCP/IP Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional)
Power supply: 12 Vcc or through PoE (Power over Ethernet) (optional)
Dimension: 234 mm long, 78 mm high, 22cm deep

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