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Door-opening and access control Zero C2
L'innovazione del rilevatore di controllo accessi Cronos C2

Cronos M24 è un lettore che coniuga l

The door-opening Zero C2 system is totally independent.

  • Hi-tech
  • The system controls the opening of any kind of electronic lock, leveraging an Rfid system-based technology.

  • Design
  • Traditional keys are substituted by a “Tag key” in which it is stored a unique code for each user, generated among billions of possible solutions. Door opens just by lightly touching Zero C2 with a “Tag key”.

  • Comfort
  • Cronos Zero C2 door-opening is the first module of the advanced Cronos access Control system that can grow according to all comfort and security needs of the house o the future.

    Cronos Zero C2 doesn’t need any maintenance and does’t produce any contact-usury. It can be also installed outdoors, by any technician or electrician.

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Il terminale Cronos M24 è in grado di leggere badge di prossimità o magnetici.

Cronos Zero C2 is:

  • Easy to use: it allows door opening also with busy hands
  • Practical: a Tag Key opens all doors
  • Secure: Tag keys cannot be duplicated
  • Easy: Tag Keys record and delete can be done by the user
  • Nice: exhibited at Museo Permanente del Design, awarded at 19° Compasso d’Oro
Il terminale Cronos M24 è in grado di leggere badge di prossimità o magnetici.

How can it be used?

  • In apartment buildings, staircase accesses, parking places, offices, warehouses, shops and private locations.

Where can it be installed?

  • On doors, fences, shutters, bars, turnstiles.

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