Cronos - Hardware & software for data collection and access control

Cronos is the leader in the field of data collection and access control

It creates and develops hardware and software for the assessment of employees’ worked hours

Cronos srl has been a 30-years-long leader in the projection, set-up and distribution of systems for worked-hours assessment in small, medium and large enterprises. The secret of its success lies, besides in the passionate attitude of the Cronos team, in technological innovation and in data-collection and access-control solutions’ design (their style has been awarded many times).

Data-collection and access-control tools and systems are both useful and very finely designed. Here’s why Cronos is the favourite supplier of many of the most influential national and international fashion brands.

Avant-garde and advanced hardware and software solutions that have replaced the old sign-in tools.

Benefits of the Cronos systems:

  • easy to install
  • user-friendly
  • small dimension
  • innovative design
  • avant-garde operations
  • easy data-management
  • interface all salary-processing software
These are the reasons why also my company has chosen Cronos data-collection systems.
Alessandro Andrighetti, Ceo at Andrighetti & Figli Spa
Why you should choose Cronos
  1. we have the necessary know-how to satisfy the most demanding clients’ requests
  2. our team is made up of a very skilled, qualified and tireless staff
  3. each system has been designed by top level professionals and fits into any location
  4. Cronos system’s support is very limited: once set up, it works

Here’s why thousands of clients have chosen Cronos Srl and its employees’ data-collection and access-control solutions.


Public authorities
  • Data-collection management

  • Areas-based management

  • Employees’ access control

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Labour consultants
  • Data collection

  • Data processing

  • Salary-processing software output

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SAAS services
  • Operators’ data collection

  • Access control

  • H24-functionality

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Canteen management
  • Meal reservation

  • Tickets management

  • Count of presences and meals’ supplies

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