Cronos - Aziende leader nei sistemi di rilevazione presenze e controllo accessi
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Cronos is synonymous with data-collection and access-control

Innovation, design and specialization in staff management systems

Cronos is a long-term leading company in software and hardware development in the field of data collection and access control.

Its first employees' management program dates back to 1981. Since then, the company's expertise has become more and more specialized.

The management's brave and forward-looking strategy led the way to the company's high level quality products, which are among the best products in the sector.

Cronos systems are adaptable, easy-to-use, charmingly designed but never invasive.

All these strenghts, together with tecnology, quality of assitance service and effective support, enabled Cronos, throughout its 35-years-long activity, to:

  • project

  • engineer

  • develop

  • distribute

avant-garde systems and applications for data collection and access control all over the national territory. Cronos is a leading market player.

Its reliability is constantly demonstrated by the confidence granted by thousands of prestigious, national and international companies belonging to many different market fields:

  • fashion

  • supermarkets

  • small enterprises

  • medium enterprises

  • large enterprises

many of them of prestige and international status.